Catelynn Lowell Reveals What Really Happened When Matt Baier Tried To Give Her Xanax Before An Event


Catelynn Lowell is finally revealing what really happened when Amber Portwood’s ex-fiance Matt Baier gave her a Xanax pill. Keep reading for the full story!


Catelynn Lowell is calling out Matt Baier after revealing to Dr. Drew Pinsky that he tried to give her a Xanax tablet before allegedly stealing it back for himself.

During the Teen Mom OG reunion special, Catelynn blew the lid off of her co-star’s dirty secret that he had been hiding from his ex-fiance, Amber Portwood.

As E! News reports, Catelynn was doing press for MTV, forcing her to miss her daughter Nova’s first day of school, when Matt noticed she seemed overwhelmed.

The whole event was a “trigger” for Catelynn and she immediately started feeling worried and anxious over the whole situation.

"I'm having a panic attack. I don't know what's going on. It started in the car and then all of a sudden, Matt just is like, 'We'll just keep this between me and you' and he just hands me this bar," she said during the reunion. "I stuck it in my hoodie pocket and I didn't take it because I just turned around and looked at everybody in the room, like, I know his past and Amber's past and stuff so I was like, 'Why the [bleep] does he have this?'"

Soon, Amber began to notice that Matt was acting very strange, but Catelynn didn’t think much of it at first.

Then she realized the Xanax pill was no longer in her hoodie.

"Well, the funny thing is it was in my hoodie pocket. When I went to go look for it to show Amber, Matt was walking down the hallway, and we realized he was in my hoodie," Catelynn said. "And I think he purposefully took my hoodie and put it on when he realized what was happening and took the evidence."

Matt has always been known for having a shady past, but he and Amber continue to break up and get back together.

This time, however, things seem different and it’s clear that something has shifted.

Matt appeared on the reunion show via telephone last week, and Amber quickly called him out for all the heartache he has put her through since they got together.

"We've had a rough couple of f--king years. I have," she screamed during an especially emotional exchange between the pair. "And I stood by your side. And you know how frustrated I was. And yeah, I'm sorry for all the name-calling but you've gotta be sorry for the s--t you've done too."

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