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Couple Finds A Hidden Safe While Renovating Their Kitchen. What Was Inside? They Couldn’t Believe It!


A couple decided to save money and renovate their own home. When they started on the kitchen, they found a secret safe underneath the floor. Read on to see what they found inside the safe!


A couple from Phoenix made the discovery of a lifetime in their kitchen while remodeling their home.

The couple, who are only being referred to by their first names, Eddie, who is 29, and Angie, who is 26, were simply trying to save money.

They decided they would remodel their home together rather than pay tons of money for a professional to do it.

When they started, they had no idea how much their DIY renovation would change their lives.

During the demolition of their kitchen, they ripped up the kitchen tiles. To their disbelief, they found something where the kitchen island used to be—a secret safe.

Eddie and Angie exchanged puzzled looks with each other, both thinking the same thought—what is that?


That’s when they thought back to the day they moved into the home together. They had found a safe code in the back of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. They initially thought it was weird and wondered what it went to, but ultimately moved on and forgot about it. That is, until this day.

The couple used the code, and after a few tries, got the safe to OPEN!


Then, things became way more exciting—inside the safe they found wads of money—old hundred dollar bills, in fact.


They also found an old bottle of James E. Pepper bourbon.


AND the seal was still completely intact on the old bottle of bourbon. (WIN!)


Along with the cash, there was a book called A Guide for the Perplexed by E.F. Schumacher, which was published in 1977; and, inside the front cover was a photograph.


On the other side of the photograph was a handwritten note that said,


I have a book you must read. I’ve underlined a few key passages.

Your friend,



There was also a picture of a house left inside of the book, which seemed to be strategically placed underneath the sentence, “There yielded such fruitful results.”


Then, on the back of the photo, there was a quote that said, “Where one tree becomes three.”


Some passages inside of the book had been underlined.


There was also a BINGO card in the safe.


After looking through all the stuff that was inside of the safe, the couple counted the money. It came out to a grand total of $51,080!


The couple couldn't be more excited about their discovery. In a statement, they shared, "We haven’t decided what we’re going to do with the money yet. If Alan is still out there, it was meant for him after all. But we’re keeping the bourbon!"

What do you think about this couple's kitchen discovery? What would you do with the money?

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