Dad Feeds 3-Year-Old At Least 200 Pieces Of 'Candy.' Then Mom Tries One And Spits It Right Back Out. That's When It Hits Her


A 3-year-old girl in China accidentally swallowed 200 expandable water balls after her parents mistook them for candy. Read on for more details!


A 3-year-old girl in China had to be rushed to the hospital last week after her parents mistakenly fed her more than 200 expandable balls, thinking they were just candy.

According to The Sun, a report on Huanqiu revealed that the toddler’s father had absolutely no idea that he was feeding the little girl expandable water balls until her mother picked one up from the floor.

The little girl, nicknamed Xiao Xin, had to take medication to expel the water balls from her body, but it’s unclear whether she still remains in the hospital.

As The Daily Mail reports, the baby girl’s mother explained that she had gone to the store and assumed she had grabbed her daughter’s favorite candy, Wonka Rainbow Nerds.

The mom claims the person working at the mini-mart that day failed to tell her that the colorful beads were actually expandable water balls.

Later that evening, while the mother was cooking, Xiao Xin’s father decided to give their little girl a sweet treat.

Xiao Xin's father recalled that he “poured the water balls out on his palm and fed her in bunches,” according to The Daily Mail.

The parents had no idea what they had really been feeding Xiao Xin until the toddler’s mother picked up one of the pieces from the floor.

According to Huanqui, the mother ate the piece of “candy” and immediately spat it right back out.

“It's very hard and not sweet, then I notice it's not candy but the expandable water balls,” she said.


Panicked and terrified for their daughter, the parents immediately raced back to the mini-mart to buy another bottle of the tiny beads to find out how many were inside each container.

Each bottle contained 280 expandable water balls.

Realizing what they had done, the parents grabbed their baby girl and rushed to Huai'an Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital.

Doctor Xia Sun Lin took an X-ray of Xiao Xin and found that the balls had already started expanding. The tiny tot was prescribed medication with the same effects as laxatives to expel the balls.

That very night Xiao Xin expelled about 10 slightly expanded balls, and over the next few days she got rid of the rest.

In all, Xiao Xin’s parents counted 200 expandable water balls.

Social media users slammed Xiao Xin’s parents after seeing the story online.

“Even if it's real sweets, you can't feed 280 sweets to your daughter! Unless they want her to get diabetes!” one commenter wrote.

“How can the girl eat 280 unsweetened ‘candies’ and not telling her parents?” another person asked.

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