Dad-To-Be Begs Woman To Abort His Child, But She Refuses. One Year Later, He Gives Her A Sick Father's Day Surprise Out Of Revenge


The mom thought he changed his mind. She was wrong.


A Brooklyn teen who beat his baby daughter into a coma on Father’s Day allegedly spoke often about wanting the little girl aborted before she was born.

According to the New York Daily News, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor was furious in February 2016 after learning that a woman he had impregnated had decided to keep the baby.

“Feel mad disrespected,” Taylor wrote on Facebook around the time his daughter Nylah was born. “Told that lil b---h to get abortion (and) she tells me she is but still keep it. Exactly why I hate that lil b---h.”

Authorities say that more than a year later, on Father’s Day, Taylor beat 16-month-old Nylah into a coma while they were spending time together on Coney Island.

According to police, Taylor beat his little girl until her brain began to bleed, leaving her with painful fractures and bruises all over her tiny body.

Nylah’s injuries are so serious, according to investigators, that they aren’t sure how much longer she is expected to live.

Police say Taylor often ranted about Nylah’s mother, Tammy Lewis, on Facebook after their daughter was born.

“I didn’t even want to have a baby by her (and) it’s sad to say, but f--- it, s--- happens,” he wrote in February 2016. “Please don’t ask who Nylah’s moms is nor do I still f--- with her cause NO,” he wrote. “Just f---ed (that) hotty a--, that’s it.”

“She really getting me aggy,” Taylor wrote another time. “Aggy” is reportedly slang for agitated.

Although the dysfunctional family had many problems, they all agreed to allow Taylor to spend time with Nylah on Father’s Day.

At some point on Sunday, Taylor wrote in a Facebook message to Lewis that there was something wrong with Nylah and she needed to be picked up.

When Lewis arrived, she reportedly found Nylah struggling to breathe on the couch after clearly being beaten to a pulp.

Lewis, 17, reportedly grabbed Nylah and ran from the apartment, but Taylor managed to knock her to the ground in one punch while she was still holding the baby.

Although Taylor continued attacking her, Lewis rushed to the hospital with her daughter.

Authorities say that after Nylah was admitted to the hospital, Taylor refused to take blame for his daughter’s injuries, instead claiming that she fell off a bed.

At this time, Taylor is behind bars while Nylah remains in the hospital.

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