Demi Lovato Is Spotted Holding Hands With Someone Unexpected During A Day At Disneyland


Read on to find out more about Demi Lovato’s new potential relationship! It’s definitely not someone you’d expect.


For years, talented songstress and Disney channel alum Demi Lovato was linked to actor Wilmer Valderrama. Though their relationship ended, the two remained friends and treated each other with kindness and support. With Demi free to focus 100% on her music, fans were excited to see what the edgy performer would come up with next. However, no one was prepared for what Demi recently did while out at Disneyland. It appears that the 25-year-old is linked up again, but it’s not with who you’d expect.

During her trip to Disneyland last Saturday, Demi was seeing holding hands with a famous DJ...a famous female DJ. You read that right. Demi spent the day enjoying herself with a new pal, DJ/Producer Lauren Abedini. While neither of their teams have commented on the photos or their relationship, the pictures seem to speak for themselves.

Die hard Demi fans immediately got to work dissecting the photos and trying to learn everything they could about her possible new love interest.

After reading about Lauren Abedini (stage name DJ KITTENS) on her website, they were not disappointed.

“With her vast knowledge and relentless curiosity for music, LA based DJ, KITTENS (born Lauren Abedini) has been able to find and deliver a balance between low grinding electronic beats, heavy rap, and future beat music. Earning the support of some of the most influential artists of our time; Usher, Kid Cudi, Skrillex, A-trak, Salva, and more, KITTENS has solidified herself as a cornerstone in the in the ever evolving DJ community.

…KITTENS' aggressive style of DJing, rooted in her foundation as a hip hop aficionado and harder track selections often leave people pleasantly shocked to find she is not as soft and fluffy as her name might suggest.”

In addition to her talented credits on the stage, she appears to be well received off the turntables as well. As a feminist who is openly gay, Lauren does lots of work supporting women through various charities and hosts non-profit workshops as well.

Perhaps the best part of Demi’s photos were her fans’ supportive comments.

Demi has been questioned about her lyrics before, as some seemed to have hinted at a same sex relationship.

“I am not confirming and I'm definitely not denying. All of my songs are based off of personal experiences. I don't think there's anything wrong with experimentation at all.” she said.

So, were Demi and Lauren simply enjoying a day at the Happiest Place on Earth as friends, or is there more to the story?

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