Did Derick Dillard Move Pregnant Jill Home To Stop Her El Salvadorian Affair? New Photos Of Baby Samuel Pose More Questions Than Answers


New photos of Jill and Derick Dillard’s son Samuel have some fans wondering if the baby boy is the product of an affair in El Salvador. Keep reading for more details!


Here we go again—another Duggar scandal! Or should we say, another Dillard scandal?

That’s right: Jill and Derick Dillard are back in the headlines once again, and this time, the allegations against them are very serious.

As previously reported, Jill gave birth to the couple’s second son Samuel a few weeks ago, in July.

Since Samuel’s birth, we’ve been treated to a few photos of the bouncing baby boy on Instagram, but no professional photos have been released as they were when his big brother Israel was born.

As most Counting On fans know, most of Jill’s second pregnancy was carried out during the family’s missionary trip in El Salvador.

While the family initially intended to return to Central America once Samuel was born in the states, they announced earlier this week that they would not be going back.

“Through a number of circumstances, and guided by much prayer and counsel, we are discerning the Lord leading our family’s full-time ministry back to the United States for the time being,” the statement, which was released on the Dillard Family Blog, states, in part. “We understand very well that mission work definitely requires flexibility.  This, we have witnessed and experienced first-hand in our years of ministry.  It is, and always has been our aim, to seek the Lord above all else.  This includes walking in close relationship with Him daily, seeking His direction for our family, and doing our absolute best in everything, namely, being a Gospel witness and Kingdom worker in whatever context He places us.”

Many fans speculated that the family might not be going to back to El Salvador due to Jill’s health concerns, but others have presented a shocking new theory.

What if Derick is trying to keep Jill away from her El Salvadorian lover?

The scandalous theory was brought about earlier this week when the Dillards began sharing updated photos of Samuel, who looks absolutely nothing like his brother or father.

In fact, many fans have pointed out that Samuel looks much darker than his parents and brother—maybe even a bit Hispanic?

One fan commented, “[t]hat kid looks biracial,” while another wrote, “[h]e kind of looks Hispanic. Cute baby though.”

Some fans are so convinced that Samuel was conceived out of wedlock that they’re even comparing Jill to her brother Josh Duggar, who was recently caught up in cheating and molestation scandals.

“Jill must be taking after Josh,” one fan commented. “No way he is Derick’s child. This baby looks Hispanic.”

While this rumor is just that—a rumor!—it sure is spreading like wildfire.

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