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Disneyland Visitor Drops A Red Lanyard In The Park. Now Read The Note On The Bottom...


A Disneyland employee is asking people on social media to help her track down a park visitor who left a red lanyard behind. Read on for more details!


A Disneyland employee is begging others to help her find a visitor with autism, who accidentally left a precious lanyard behind in the Anaheim park.

Emily Gibby was working at Disneyland on March 24 when she found a red lanyard on the ground that instantly caught her eye.

The lanyard, which had four special Disney pins on it, was clipped to a note that read: “Hello! I am autistic, and I don’t talk much, but I would like to trade for Mickey pins!”

After reading the note, Gibby immediately realized that the lanyard’s owner had probably been willing to trade in all of their pins for the newly released Mickey Mouse pins.

Understanding just how much that lanyard meant to its owner, Gibby quickly made sure to fill up every empty space with brand new pins.

Now Gibby hopes to track down the mystery owner and return their special lanyard, which is why she’s turning to social media for help.

Along with two photos of the red lanyard, Gibby wrote on Facebook:

So we did what any Cast Member would naturally do. We filled up his lanyard with Mickey pins and got him a Mickey medallion as well! But now we need everyone’s help in finding him/her!! Share this post and help us find our friend! Be on the lookout! Multiple lines of business have already been contacted and informed that we have this lanyard at Pin Traders for him/her! Let’s work some magic and try to find our friend!!

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