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Doctors Say Baby Has 'Newborn Jitters,' But Her Mother's Intuition Tells Her Something's Not Right


After doctors told her that her newborn daughter was just fine, a mom decided to go with her gut instinct and ended up saving the baby girl’s life. Read on for the full story!


Tiffany Beach instinctively knew something was seriously wrong the moment she laid eyes on her beautiful baby girl, Abiageal.

Even though several doctors insisted the infant was just fine, Beach had a gut feeling that they were all wrong when Abiageal started crying excessively and shaking for no reason.

“They kept telling us that everything was fine. It was newborn jitters. I assumed that they know what they’re doing, so I didn’t question it anymore," the new mom told WWBT.

Just four days after the first terrifying episode, Beach and her family rushed back to the hospital, only to be told, once again, that Abiageal was perfectly healthy.

“I knew something. I had that feeling. Something just didn’t seem right, you know?” Beach said.

Realizing that the doctors would continue to refuse her daughter any real help, Beach decided to film Abiageal’s next episode, which she knew had to be caused by seizures, before taking her to a different hospital.

It was there that the mom’s worst fears were confirmed.

After several CAT scans and MRIs, doctors told Beach that Abiageal had a heart murmur, a stroke, seizures, and blood on her brain.

The new doctors told Abiageal’s parents that their baby girl only had a 2 to 22 per cent chance of survival.

“That was really devastating news that she’s seizing, she’s clotting, and she’s bleeding to death. Thank God that my mother instincts kicked in. Because if I had not done what I did, they said she wouldn’t have been alive the next day. She would not have been alive,” Beach said.

Although Abiageal still remains in the hospital with a feeding tube, her condition is finally improving more and more each day, thanks to her mom’s instincts.

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