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Photo Copyright ©2016 Saving Luke - Luke and Jedi - Fighting Type 1 Diabetes Together/Facebook


Dog Jumps On Mom's Bed To Wake Her Up. When She Opens The Door, It's Immediately Clear Why!


A mom shared a video of her son’s Diabetic Alert dog in action on Facebook to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes. Keep reading to learn more!


Luke was just 2-years-old when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and his parents have spent the last five years worrying about their little boy 24/7.

According to WTHR, Luke is hypoglycemic unaware, meaning he doesn’t know when his blood sugar drops to extremely low levels.

Because their son’s life is constantly in danger, Luke’s parents decided to invest in an alert system—his name is Jedi.

As a Diabetic Alert dog, the well-trained black Labrador can sense Luke’s low blood sugar even before the meters can.

In an eye-opening video that Luke’s mom, Dorrie Nuttall, uploaded to Facebook, Jedi can be seen on camera waking her up and guiding her toward the little boy’s bedroom.

A quick finger-prick test reveals that Luke’s blood sugar is barely 57 mg/dl, which is dangerously low for the young boy.

Thanks to Jedi’s heroic actions, Nuttall feels safe knowing that her son has a special friend looking out for him at all times.

While speaking with CBS News, Nuttall admitted that she really had no idea what Type 1 diabetes was before Luke was diagnosed, but she hopes sharing her family’s story will spread awareness about the life-threatening condition.

Watch Jedi in action in the video below now!

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