During Their Family Vacation, Baby Girl's Chest Starts Heaving In A Way Mom Has Never Seen. That's When She Gets A Terrible Feeling In The Pit Of Her Stomach


Paramedics are warning parents of the warning signs of breathing difficulties in children after a mom had to rush her baby to the hospital on vacation. Read on for more details!


A mom’s shocking video of her infant daughter’s heaving chest has gone viral, with paramedics weighing in on the warning signs of breathing difficulties in children.

As The Daily Mail reports, 26-year-old Sophie Cachia, a blogger from Australia, wasn’t sure how to react when she noticed her 9-month-old daughter Florence’s chest heaving.

At the time, the mom of two was on vacation with her family and couldn’t tell if there actually was something wrong with Florence.

In a video that she later shared on Instagram, Cachia manages to capture Sophie’s subtle, yet rapid breathing by filming the space between the baby girl’s chest.

“Her first trip to the snow saw her suffer terribly, and now a trip to warm QLD results in being rushed in an ambulance at midnight,” Cachia wrote. “Petrifying, but as a parent you just have to run on auto pilot and get through... for them.”

“I know they're only little, but the look they give you when they're scared is something that haunts me, as I try to do my best to keep it together as their mumma,” she later added. “My baby is home and doing much better today. Mumma is still rattled, but my babies come first.”

Cachia ultimately revealed that she might not have even been concerned about Florence’s breathing difficulties if her older son hadn’t recently been diagnosed with asthma.

“Bobby has been hospitalized multiple times with asthma attacks,” Cachia said. “We're well aware of the signs to look for. The sucking in under her throat and her ribs means she's working really hard to breathe.”

“We used prior knowledge and listened to our gut and Jaryd [husband] took her in just before bed time,” the worried mom added. “Lucky, because the poor thing spent the night hooked up to oxygen.”

“I only took this video just before they left in case she got to the hospital and was breathing fine, I always prefer to have something to show them upon arrival,” she continued.

Although Florence is now back at home with her family, paramedics are weighing in on the terrifying ordeal.

Paramedic Nikki Jurcutz, who is also the CEO of Tiny Hearts First Aid, revealed that it can be extremely difficult for parents to notice if their babies are having problems breathing.

Some of the telltale signs to look out for, however, are typically: dehydration, loss of appetite, and sucking in the spaces between the ribs.

“There are a lot of different signs to look out for, such as prolong breathing, feeling unwell, grunting or wheezing,” Jurcutz said. “The important thing to do when you're in this situation, number one - stay calm. Obviously, babies can't talk but they can recognise emotions.”

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