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Exhausted Little Boy Falls Asleep After Attending A Wedding. The Next Morning, Mom Can't Wake Him Up


Doctors are stumped as it why it took 11 days for a 7-year-old boy to wake up after attending a wedding with his family. Keep reading for more details!


Doctors are at a loss after a 7-year-old fell asleep following a wedding party and didn’t wake up for 11 days straight, even after being rushed to the hospital.

According to KIRO 7, Wyatt Shaw, who lives in Kentucky with his parents, simply couldn’t be awoken by anybody.

The boy’s parents say they initially put his strange behavior down to exhaustion, as Wyatt has just had a blast at a wedding before falling asleep.

"Monday I tried to wake him up, and he fell back to sleep," Amy Shaw, Wyatt’s mom, said. "(I'd say), 'Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt!' And he fell back to sleep again."

Although Wyatt was ultimately admitted to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, doctors had absolutely no idea why he suddenly couldn’t wake up.

Doctors reportedly ran several tests on Wyatt, but every single result came back clear, only further mystifying medical experts.

“[The doctors] said, ‘We’ll probably never know, but we’re just going to treat him now with rehab to get him better,’” Shaw said of the mystery.

While Wyatt is still having troubles getting up in the morning, he is walking and talking like normal after being awoken with medication typically used on children suffering from seizures.

Days later, Wyatt’s family is still searching for answers, but they are now trying to move on from the frightening incident.

After WDRB shared this unbelievable story on Facebook, some commenters shared their own baffling sleep stories, while others suggested that Wyatt might have what is commonly known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

“There is a sleeping sickness - don't know what its called. I read an article where a teenage girl would just drop and fall asleep and slept one time for a month. Nothing would wake her up. Her family eventually adjusted to her knock out times and so has the young woman. The episodes don't happen a whole lot but when they do, no one can wake her up,” one woman wrote.

“Sleeping beauty syndrome. Also alot of diseases that mimic i.e. pseudo-sleeping beauty syndrome,” another commenter added. “I have multiple sclerosis and had to deal with not waking up for days.”

“That's scary! 11 day sleep?! drs used an anti seisure med to wake him and now he's undergoing therapy for walking and speech! Wow hope they can figure out what happened! Poor mom i can't imagine the worry. ...prayers for the family,” one stunned woman commented.

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