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Family Goes To Park But Are Too Scared To Get Out Of Car. Why? Look At The Swing...


A Rhode Island dad captured a chilling video of a "haunted swing" moving wildly at the park. Keep reading for the full story!


A Rhode Island family’s relaxing outing ended in terror when they caught a glimpse of a “haunted” swing at their local children’s park.

Scotty Denton shared a chilling video on his Facebook page last month of the swing moving wildly, while the others remain perfectly still.

“We’re at the playground, and the kids don’t want to go anymore because look at this s—t,” Denton says in the video before turning the camera toward the so-called “haunted swing” in the background.


“There’s no wind right now either,” he swears.

While the video itself is barely one minute long, it’s already been viewed on Facebook more than 5.7 million times since it was initially uploaded last month.

Plenty of commenters on YouTube have actually come up with some pretty reasonable explanations why the swing might look “haunted.”

“at 00:52 look at the top of the middle tree. It's fast but you can see wind blowing the top of it. Since the other swings have more open area, they're not as affected by it. debunked,” one person commented.

“Funny how he claims that there is no wind but at the :50 mark when he pans over to the trees you can see the trees moving a lot from the wind,” another added.

Some viewers even suggested that the swing was actually being pulled with some kind of string.

“Hang on.  I'm going to buy some fishing line and rent done gullible kids and recreate this video,” one man wrote.

In response to his haters, Denton released another video on Facebook to show that the “haunted” swing isn’t always moving at the park, but many people continue not to buy it.

See the ghost swing for yourself in the video below now!

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Video Credit: Viral Everywhere via YouTube.com

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