Fire Captain Uses A Phony Name To Invite A Prostitute To His Station. But It Gets So Much Worse From There


A Las Vegas fire captain has been arrested after he allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old girl at his fire station. Keep reading for more details!


A fire captain in Las Vegas has been arrested after authorities discovered that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl at a fire station.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, 46-year-old Richard Odell Loughry, a Las Vegas Fire & Rescue captain, was arrested on Monday as he left a store with his wife.

Authorities say he was booked on one count each of soliciting or engaging in child prostitution, statutory sexual seduction by a person older than 21, and lewdness with a child.

According to an arrest report, Loughry responded to an ad frequently set up by prostitutes and their pimps in February and March.

Loughry reportedly paid $300 to have sex with the young woman, whose ad said she was 22 years old.

Police say Loughry never asked the girl’s age, but he did tell her to send him a photo of herself before the encounter.

The girl later told police that her pimp had been trafficking her for about nine days before she met Loughry.

According to investigators, Loughry instructed the girl to meet him at a fire station and told her to stay quiet until they got to his room.

Detectives soon linked Loughry to text messages sent to the girl about the sexual encounter, which reportedly took place on February 28.

Police have since revealed that the girl was able to contact a lawyer after the incident, and Metro Police officers were soon called.

When Loughry was finally arrested, detectives found a cell phone registered to a phony name in his vehicle.

Investigators quickly learned that he had also been using the fake name when he contacted other women.

Police say Loughry kept the cell phone a secret from his wife and repeatedly met strange women at the fire station where he worked.

"Loughry said he had no idea one of these girls could have been a juvenile and would not have done what he did if he knew that," a detective wrote on the report.

Once an investigation into Loughry’s actions was launched, detectives discovered that the prostitute he had brought to the fire station was just 15 years old.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Loughry has been with the fire department since May 5, 1997, David Riggleman, director of communications for the city of Las Vegas, said on Tuesday.

While Riggleman says the city does not comment on personal matters, he did say that the seriousness of the charges is “a great concern to the city.”

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