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First-Grader Gets Black Eye At Recess But They REFUSE To Call Home. Hours Later, Moms Hears His MRI Results...


A Texas mom claims her son’s elementary school failed to take care of him after the first-grader accidentally ran into a pole at recess. Keep reading for more details!


A mom in Texas is accusing an elementary school of not taking her son seriously when he said he didn’t feel well after running into a pole head-on.

Jamal Cloman, a first-grader at Bonham Elementary School, was playing football with his friends at recess when he accidentally slammed his face into a pole on the playground.

According to ABC 13, Jamal was instantly in severe pain and sent to visit the school nurse, but he was quickly told to return to class.

"The nurse told me to shut up and sent me back to class," he told the station.

Jamal’s mom, Samantha Edward, said she was furious that the school didn’t call her to come pick up her son, who clearly needed immediate medical attention.

"She gave him an ice pack and sent him back to class," she said of the nurse’s efforts.

Finally, after his teacher saw his swollen black eye, Jamal was sent back to the nurse while the school called his mom to come pick him up early.

"I was scared and I was crying, I thought my child is going to pass away," Edward said. "His eye was swollen and it was black and blue. He was out it and slurring all of his words. He couldn't stay awake."

Fearing that she didn’t have much time, Edward decided to rush Jamal to the hospital herself instead of waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

After doctors gave Jamal an MRI, they told his mom that the playground accident had caused her little boy serious eye damage and a dangerous concussion.

"They said the bone around his eye was broken," Edward revealed.

According to ABC 13, when asked about the shocking incident, school officials gave this statement:

"A Bonham Elementary School nurse followed proper concussion protocol. The nurse conducted two concussion tests. After the second test, it was determined the student needed to be taken to the hospital.”

Edward still insists that the school failed to take her son seriously, so she has since enrolled Jamal in a new school.

"I was like, why wouldn't you all call me instantly?" she said.

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