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Fun Things You CAN'T Do When You're NOT A Toddler Anymore [Video]


In this hilarious video, we get the chance to see how people would react if we actually started behaving like toddlers again. Watch the video now!


Kids constantly dream about how great life is going to be when they finally grow up, but as we all know, they just don’t see how good they have it right now.

Ever wonder how people would react if you started acting like a toddler again?

Well, in a video made for NickMom's "Things You Can't Do" series, comedy duo Tripp and Tyler show us exactly how that might play out for adults.

Moms, grab your toddlers because this hilarious video will show them what they really have to look forward to in 20 years!

No more will they be able to throw tantrums over cookies, walk around naked, or eat food with their hands—unless they’re ready for a few sideways glances.

Don’t we all wish people would clap and praise us for rolling around on the floor?

Unfortunately, it’s more than likely that anybody over the age of nine would have been kicked out of that dinner party by now.

Toddlers, enjoy your youth while it lasts!

Watch this hysterical video now!

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Video Credit: Tripp and Tyler via YouTube.com

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