Grandfather 'Comes Out' To Wife As A Pedophile — Here's Why He's Not Ashamed Of It


After "coming out" to his wife as a pedophile, an Oregon man is sharing his story in hopes of showing other men like himself that they too can have "normal" lives. Read on to learn more!


A “comfortably out” pedophile in Oregon is speaking out about why he’s not ashamed of his attraction toward little girls.

In a video released by the Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention last month, Gary Gibson, the organization’s founder, tells his very unusual story.

Gibson, 65, says he has been attracted to young girls his entire life and even revealed that incestuous sex abuse runs in his family.

“My grandfather sexually abused my mother and I think at least one of his sisters, and my father’s woman was known on the streets to be one that invited the little boys into her house and did things with them,” he said in the video. “So, I think, she is a pedophile. I know for a fact my father sexually abused several of my sisters – nearly all of them.”

Although Gibson had always struggled with his feelings, it wasn’t until his first marriage broke down in the 1990s that he was truly tested.

After his divorce, the Christian ex-teacher decided to “spend some time out in the South Pacific,” where he said there were “a lot of little girls running around naked.”

Then, in 2004, Gibson joined a dating site for Christian singles, where he met his second wife, Tabitha Abel.

While the pair adopted foster children—because their grandchildren didn’t visit enough—Gibson says he completely controlled himself.

One 10-year-old girl did, however, accuse Gibson of inappropriate behavior, but he still insists she was lying.

The brush with the law is what finally forced Gibson to “come out” as a pedophile to his wife.

“I told her I didn't do it, but this is where I'm at... I'm attracted to kids,” he said.

Shockingly enough, Gibson’s wife has gladly decided to stick by him, proud that he’s never acted on his desires.

At the end of the day, Gibson hopes his story can show other pedophiles that they too can have “normal” lives.

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