Grandparents Take In 3 Grandchildren When Daughter Tragically Dies. After Years Of Struggling To Survive, They Discover Unbelievable News


It happened suddenly!


Two selfless grandparents in New Jersey have won the lottery after making the life-changing decision to raise their grandchildren following their daughter’s untimely death.

When Jackie and Rande, from Long Branch, lost their daughter to complications from Lupus a few years ago, they promised to take care of her three young children no matter what.

The pair, who have been married for 17 years, weathered through their struggles for the sake of their grandchildren, but over the last few years they have had troubles making ends meet financially.

Though times have been tough since their daughter tragically passed away, the family’s luck miraculously turned around earlier this year when their Mega Millions ticket matched all five of the white balls drawn.

The match means Jackie and Rande won the $1 million jackpot, much to the delight of their family.

“They are the most deserving people in New Jersey,” said their friend Debbie, who drove them to Lottery Headquarters. “They have helped so many other people in their times of need and now it is their turn to receive this very necessary blessing.”

Although Jackie and Rande plan to use the money to pay their immediate bills before anything, they will use the rest to raise their three beautiful grandchildren.

“I am just very grateful,” Rande said. “This will help our lives out a lot.”

“This will be the beginning of good fortune to our family,” Jackie added, with tears in her eyes.

Surprisingly enough, had Rande and Jackie spent just $1 more on their ticket, they could have taken home $3 million.

Several news outlets have since shared this absolutely incredible story online, where many commenters praised the couple for stepping up to the plate and caring for their daughter’s children after her death.

“Nice to see someone who could really use the money win big. May God Bless them and their grandchildren,” one woman wrote on the Leigh Valley Live Facebook page.

“I think they deserve it after going through a hard time with the loss of there daughter but yeah I would want to be anonymous if I won the lottery,” another added on the WSB-TV Facebook page.

“That's amazing ! I'm glad that some people who need a miracle get it in life,” one woman wrote on the KIRO 7 Facebook page, while another added, “They so deserve it to help raise their 3 grandchildren. God bless you!!!”

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