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GUILTY! Toddler Denies Eating Sprinkles Even After He's BUSTED! [Video]


When this little boy is caught red-handed eating sprinkles, he tries the only way he knows to get out of trouble—by denying it ever happened. Watch the video now!


Kids are the only people in the world who can get caught lying and still be totally adorable.

3-year-old John is no exception.

When John was caught red-handed with sprinkles all over his face, he pulled every trick in the book to get out of trouble.

We really have to give him some credit for sticking with his story, even after mom shows him the giant mess he left in the kitchen.

John is officially the most confident toddler we’ve ever seen.

Even when his mom points out the red and white sprinkles on his face, he still denies their existence—as he licks them off.

He may be lying through his teeth, but we just hope mom cuts him some slack for such a great performance—and maybe enrolls him in some acting classes.

This boy clearly has a future in the entertainment industry.

Watch the video now!

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Video Credit: Erica Boarman via YouTube.com

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