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Heroic Bus Driver Performs CPR On Woman Having A Heart Attack. He Has No Idea How Many Lives He's Just Saved!


Seven months after saving a woman at a train station, a heroic bus driver has finally been given the chance to meet the baby boy she was pregnant with at the time. Read on for more details!


A bus driver in Australia has been praised for saving not one, but two lives at a train station.

Murray Dillon was just about to get back to his shift as a Perth CAT bus driver, when he noticed a massive crowd gathering around a car.

Shannon Graham was experiencing a major heart attack, but nobody knew how to take care of her before the ambulance arrived.

That’s when Dillon finally stepped in to save the day, performing CPR for 15 minutes while the crowd waited for the paramedics.

“There was just no sign of life,” Dillon said, according to Yahoo News. “There was nothing and the paramedics were shaking their heads. There was no doubt in my mind it was all over.”

Once Graham was finally examined at the Royal Perth Hospital, doctors revealed that she probably would have died if Dillon hadn’t shown up when he did.

Unbeknownst to everybody, Dillon actually saved two lives that day—Graham was pregnant with her son.

It’s been a little more than seven months since that life-changing day, but Dillon has finally had the chance to meet Thomas Murray Richardson, Graham’s newborn baby boy.

Surprisingly enough, before his encounter with Graham, Dillon hadn’t used his CPR skills since he was trained nearly 30 years ago.

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