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Hilarious Dad-To-Be Gives Baby Girl's Room MTV's Classic 'Cribs' Treatment [Video]


A dad-to-be decided to do a hilarious parody of MTV’s reality show "Cribs" to show off his baby girl’s adorable new room. Check out the video now!


Any true MTV fan remembers watching Cribs and feeling an intense pang of jealousy each time you realized that the celebrities on the reality show had closets twice the size of your whole house.

Even if you weren’t a regular viewer (but honestly, you probably were), after 17 seasons, you were bound to see Cribs at least once or twice.

Though the Millennial favorite was cancelled in 2013, dad-to-be Bryan Canatella has given us one last Cribs tour in his hilarious new video.

Standing in front of a bedroom door, Canatella says with all the enthusiasm of a typical reality TV show host, “Whaddup MTV. Welcome to Cecilia’s Crib.”

No, really. It’s her actual crib!

Using the jagged camera cuts and angles we would all expect from a great episode of Cribs, Canatella shows us around his baby girl’s adorable room.

Just about everything inside matches the pink and blue walls, including the “library,” which has plenty of classic novels for baby Cici to read, like “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada” by acclaimed author Jimmy Fallon.

And, of course, no Cribs episode would be complete without a candid shot of a celebrity’s posse casually hanging out.

Next, we get a nice look at Cici’s actual crib, which has to be both sturdy and fun for the picky baby girl.

Things really start to get wild over in Cici’s “west wing,” where we catch a glimpse at her solid gold bunny and relaxation chair.

Seriously, Canatella gives his daughter the perfect Cribs treatment in this hilarious video.

Check out the full video for yourself below now!

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Video Credit: The Canatellas via YouTube.com

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