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Illinois Man Drives 1,200 Miles With 49 White Crosses To Honor Innocent Orlando Shooting Victims


A man in Illinois built 49 white crosses to put on a proper public memorial for the 49 victims of the tragic Orlando shooting. Keep reading for the full story!


The moment Greg Zanis heard about the 49 innocent lives taken in the deadly Orlando shooting just over a week ago, he knew he wanted to do something in their honor.

Although he lives all the way in Illinois—1,200 miles away from the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando—Zanis went above and beyond to show all the victims that they were in his thoughts and prayers.

In honor of each victim, Zanis personally built 49 crosses to put on a proper public memorial for everybody involved in the tragic massacre.

“My message today is love your brother. Love your neighbor,” he said.

Along with the white crosses, Zanis brought 49 red hearts and a black Sharpie to write each victim’s name and a personalized message from anybody who passed by the memorial.

Zanis’ incredible act of compassion and kindness has since gone viral on social media, proving that evil cannot triumph when we have so much love in the world.

In the video below, FOX 5 News commends Zanis on what he’s done for the victims!

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