Is Derick Dillard Nothing More Than A Mooch? Jill Duggar's Husband May Be Using Her Family For Money


Is Derick Dillard using the Duggars just to make money? Sources close to the family say he’s nothing more than a "mooch." Read on for more details!


Derick Dillard just can’t seem to keep his face out of the headlines lately.

Once again, the Counting On star is coming under fire over his lifestyle, and this time, he might actually get in serious trouble.

As most fans already know, Derick and Jill Dillard have spent a good portion of their marriage carrying out missionary work in Central America.

While the pair may have had good intentions when they left for the trip, they were apparently a little too busy to fill out the proper paperwork beforehand.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, it has recently been revealed that Derick is not a licensed missionary—and neither is his wife.

Since the Dillards aren’t licensed, they cannot be sponsored by a church or any real organization when they carry out their work overseas.

This means the couple primarily relies on fundraising and donations to fund their missionary efforts.

But what’s really terrifying is that the couple may be putting the health and safety of others at risk by stretching the truth when it comes to their certifications.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, despite claims to the contrary, Jill is not actually a trained and certified midwife.

Derick also never ended up completing the necessary certification work that is required by the Southern Baptist Convention or the International Missions Board.

According to one insider, the downright lies that the Dillards have been telling others are starting to become a very serious problem.

"They go on a mission, they're not sponsored by any church whatsoever, and they go, and they solicit money from people, they ask for donations," the source told The Hollywood Gossip exclusively.

"Of course, they have money coming from Counting On, but Derick, to my knowledge, has never had a job," the insider added.

The source also revealed that many people in the couple’s inner circle are starting to become rather suspicious of their intentions.

"[Derick] is not an ordained missionary. They more or less just go over there on their own, and I'm wondering if TLC isn't footing the bill just for coverage. Just so they have something to sell," the insider said. "I just wonder what the reasoning for it is. Are they doing it for capital gain? Ever since I've learned so much about Jim Bob and how he truly is, I second guess everything."

At the end of the day, the inside source believes Derick is “a mooch,” who has absolutely no interest in holding down a real job.

“Derick is just hanging on to someone’s shirttails," he said. "Disgusts me. They used to be pretty well thought of."

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