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Is She Having A Baby With Her Dad? Couple With A 23-Year Age Difference Announces Pregnancy


Often mistaken for a father-daughter duo, one couple in the UK is opening up about what it’s like to be expecting their first child together, despite their 23 year age difference. Read on for the full story!


Most strangers mistake them for a father out with his daughter, but 26-year-old Samantha Moloney and her 49-year-old beau, David Milburn, are actually expecting their first child together.

Despite their 23 year age difference, Samantha and David have been smitten with one another since the moment they met at a party in December 2014.

“Some people have asked what I'm doing with an old man with grey hair and just couldn't see past that, which is a shame because we really love each other,” Samantha told The Daily Mail. “We've had a few people staring at us in shops and look really shocked when they see us kissing.”


More often than not, people think David is Samantha’s father—not her boyfriend.

“A few people have been surprised to hear we are dating and once one lad tried to chat me up while we were out together,” Samantha recalled. “He was really shocked when I told him the older man sitting next to me was my boyfriend not my dad.”

Even more awkward, David already has three children of his own, and one of them is actually 27—one year older than Samantha.

Although the couple’s child—due in July—will be David’s fourth, Samantha is beyond excited to be a first-time mom.

“I never wanted children before, I was always more of an animal lover but when I turned 25 I knew I wanted to be a mother,” she gushed. “We can't wait to be parents and while I've got a lot to learn with this being my first time as a mother, I'm glad I've got David here to support me.”

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