Jenelle Evans And Her Anger Issues May Be Standing In The Way Of Her Happy Ending With David Eason


Jenelle Evans’ anger issues may be putting a damper on her seemingly stable relationship with David Eason. Keep reading for more details!


Jenelle Evans finally seems to have found a stable relationship with David Eason, but as we all know, she has a tendency to get violent with the people she loves.

In the past, Jenelle has struggled to control her anger issues, and it’s certainly cost her dearly.

With drug addiction and a teen pregnancy under her belt, Jenelle continues to have problems when it comes to handling criticism.

She lashes out, screams her head off, and even gets herself arrested when she doesn’t get her way—even if it’s for her own good.

With that said, Jenelle has practically been a changed woman ever since she met David Eason, her fiancé.

After numerous meltdowns in front of her children, and even a heroin overdose, Jenelle has mellowed out with David.

The pair are raising their daughter, Ensley, along with her older brothers, Kaiser and Jace, in the best way they can.

But is it just a matter of time before Jenelle snaps and reverts back to her old ways? Many fans say, yes.

Although Jenelle has worked extremely hard to combat her drug addiction and win back custody of Jace, she still continues to struggle with her anger problems.

In a troubling sneak peek of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and David can be seen moving out of their old home and into the new house they had built for their family.

Because Jenelle is heavily pregnant with Ensley in the clip, she obviously can’t help with the heavy lifting, leaving David and his buddies to do all the work on their own.

Naturally, that just doesn’t cut it for Jenelle, who is well known for having a very short fuse.

"David and his friends are taking a break," she explains in the clip, "and I'm annoyed because they're not even close to being done."

Angry and annoyed, Jenelle then decides to take out her frustrations on poor Kaiser, who simply wants a slice of pizza.

That’s when Jenelle can be seen roughly tossing him into his high chair so he can eat his food.

A couple of hours later, Jenelle gets upset that she and David still have to pick up the keys for their new house.

"Well, now where are we going to sleep, a hotel?" she yells when they apparently can’t get in touch with the realtor. "What are we going to do? We need to contact someone."

This is just classic Jenelle: getting angry at everybody for no real reason.

At this point, we just hope Jenelle gets her anger under control before it’s too late!

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