Jeremy Vuolo Wants To Take Jinger Duggar Away From Her Family For Good — And Dad Jim Bob Will Lose It If He Does


"Counting On" fans think Jeremy Vuolo has accepted a new job that would require him and Jinger to move all the way to Scotland. Read on for more details!


If there really is a “cool” member of the Duggar family, it definitely has to be Jinger, the only one of her married sisters who hasn’t yet announced a pregnancy.

Not only has Jinger become the first of the Duggar children to move away from her home state of Arkansas, she’s also the only girl in her family who wears pants!

Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, a devout Christian preacher, moved to Laredo, Texas shortly after they married last November.

Naturally, Jim Bob Duggar did not like the idea of one of his daughters moving all the way to Texas, but once Jinger got married, there wasn’t much he could do.

But if Jim Bob hated Jinger and Jeremy’s last move, he certainly won’t like what they have planned next.

On Twitter earlier this week, Jeremy linked to a job posting at an organization called Banner of Truth, writing: "Ahhhhh!!! I told you this was my dream job."

Because Jeremy seemed so excited in his post, many fans quickly began to wonder if he had already decided to accept the position, which is in Edinburgh, Scotland.

According to Banner of Truth’s Twitter page, the organization is "a Christian organisation which publishes books, organises conferences, and publishes a monthly magazine. You are what you read."

As a preacher, Jeremy has been very open with his fans about his desire to take part in theological research, so working at a Christian publishing organization would likely be a real dream for him.

According to the job posting, as an editorial assistant for Banner of Truth, Jeremy would be heavily involved in the publication of faith-based periodicals and books.

"The successful candidate will be involved in all aspects of the editorial work, from early manuscript development, to detailed editing, proofing, and page design," the online description reads.

While it still remains unclear whether or not Jeremy has actually applied for the overseas position, if he does join the organization, there’s no doubt that Jim Bob will be absolutely furious at Jeremy for taking his little girl away from him.

Jim Bob and Jeremy have had such a strenuous relationship, in fact, that the Duggar patriarch was reportedly hesitant to even allow Jeremy to propose to his daughter.

Without a doubt, uprooting Jinger and taking her all the way to Scotland would be the nail in the coffin for Jeremy and Jim Bob’s rocky relationship.

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