Jessica Is Eliminated From The Big Brother House, But Cody Has One Last Thing To Tell Her


Read on to see what Cody had to say to Jessica on her eviction day from the Big Brother house.


The time has come for Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s showmance to come to an end. The Big Brother contestants fell head over heels for one another, and this wasn’t even the first time the duo was torn apart.

The time, though, it was Jessica’s turn to be evicted from the Big Brother household. While Cody didn’t ask Jessica to be his girlfriend, he did do something pretty surprising.

As Cody kissed Jessica goodbye, he told her that he loved her. Apparently, there is no second guessing how these two feel about one another. While Cody had no problem using the “L word”, the rest of the house felt the exact opposite. Leading up to Jessica’s eviction, the remaining contestants seemed pretty excited at the thought of her leaving. Josh Martinez had no problems making fun of the couple, and harassing them about Jessica’s eviction every chance he got.

Things got so tense that it seemed Cody was going to get into a physical altercation with Josh. With Jessica only having a few days left in the Big Brother house, Cody wanted to defend her as much as possible.

This isn’t the first time things have gotten heated with Cody, Jessica, and Josh. The internet went crazy after the couple “body shamed” Josh, calling him “fat” and saying that he “waddled”. A lot of people thought Jessica and Cody took things way too far.

While Josh was obviously excited to get Jessica out, she said she was happy that she wouldn’t have to listen to his “annoying” voice anymore.

With basically the entire house against Jessica, there was only one person she needed to address in her exit speech.

“Cody, everyone says you ruined my game, but in all honesty, you made all of this worth it. So thank you.” she said. After she left, Cody returned the kind words with a message of his own for the evicted contestant.

“Jessica, I am honored that you teamed up with me in this game,” he told her. “You essentially gave up $500,000 for me. I love you. I really miss you. I appreciate you and I will repay you.” he said.

Back in July, eliminated contestant Jillian Parker called Cody and Jessica’s relationship completely “fake”. If this holds any merit, maybe Cody won’t be repaying Jessica after all.

“They are not going to last. It is sooooo fake! Oh my God, so fake. It’s one of those things where they just want attention.” Jillian said. “Not really Cody, just Jessica. She just wants to get famous. He is a marine and so serious. Jessica wants to be in the limelight and they’re totally different people. It’s just a summer fling and I wouldn’t be surprised if they break up before the end of the show.”

Only time will tell! Who do you think will be eliminated next?

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