Jim Bob Duggar Is Going To Lose It When He Finds Out Which 'Rebel' Is Trying To Court His Daughter


After feuding with Jeremy Vuolo, Jim Bob Duggar certainly isn’t going to like the man who’s believed to be courting one of his other daughters. Read on for the full story!


After feuding with his straight-laced sons-in-law for years, Jim Bob Duggar is in for quite the surprise with the latest suitor trying to get close to one of his daughters.

As most Counting On fans know, while Jim Bob seems as relaxed and carefree as possible on TV, he has a hard time accepting change behind closed doors.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, ever since his daughters came of courting age, Jim Bob has had a really tough time relinquishing his control over their lives.

While he definitely wants his daughters to get married and have children, Jim Bob simply can’t get over it when his sons-in-law share a different point of view than him on just about any topic.

Most notably, it’s been rumored since last year that Jim Bob can’t stand his daughter Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Jeremy, who doesn’t really care what his wife wears, is quite modernized compared to his father-in-law.

Since Jeremy and Jinger married, they have picked up and moved away from the Duggar compound in Arkansas, which certainly didn’t go over well with Jim Bob.

But if Jim Bob has a hard time dealing with Jeremy, he’s definitely going to lose it once he gets to know his daughter Jana’s suitor a little better.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jana may be courting Caleb Williams, an old family friend who reportedly isn’t as strict and conservative as the Duggars.

Sources close to Caleb say he is very different than Jim Bob, especially when it comes to his ideas on child-rearing.

"As a parent, he may not choose to do the things they chose to do," the insider said.

As for his past, the friend said Caleb has travelled all over the world, but he was forced to take a hiatus from college for financial reasons.

Once he settles his debts, Caleb reportedly plans to return to school, though it remains unclear what he studied.

"Right now, he's getting some stuff paid off and will hopefully get back to a degree when all that's finished," the source said.

According to Caleb’s own Instagram page, he is a “business owner,” but what that business is remains a mystery.

As Caleb’s friend reveals, however, Caleb’s values do match up with the Duggars’ beliefs—for the most part.

"They have similar belief systems, but he's a bit different in his thinking," the insider said. "He's maybe somewhat more liberal."

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