Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Share The New Thing They Want To Do As A Married Couple—And It's Not Having Kids!


Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo have a really good reason for wanting this to be their big challenge for the year! Read the full story here!


Jinger and Jeremy had a pretty big 2016! Their relationship and the various, albeit quick, stages of it were the focus of the season of TLC’s Counting On.

In fact, their romance is still the focus of the show, which has begun to annoy some viewers. Though TLC has promised fans that Joy and Austin’s courtship will be portrayed on the show, so far it’s basically been the Jinger show, even though the wedding special aired months ago.

But in real life, Jinger has been married to Jeremy for a few months now, and they’ve been living in Laredo, Texas, where Jeremy works as a pastor.

As one of the few Duggar children who has moved a significant distance away from home, Jinger must have some big plans for her newfound freedom!

In an interview for TLCme, Jinger and Jeremy discussed their big plans for 2017.

The newlyweds were asked how newlywed life has been for them. Jinger chose to defer to Jeremy, looking expectantly at her husband to begin answering the question.

“We’ve loved being newlyweds and getting settled into life together,” Jeremy said. It was a pretty canned answer, but it was probably either that or a big pregnancy announcement.

The interviewer then asked a question that was bound to get Jinger talking. She asked how it was moving away from her sisters and family.

The rest of the Duggar clan lives in Arkansas, which is quite a few miles away from Texas. But Jinger doesn’t seem worried about the distance at all. She’s confident that “there will be visits to and from with the family.”

Surprisingly, the young couple don’t seem too keen on starting a family soon! When asked about kids, they looked at each other as Jeremy answered, “We love children, but we’re obviously just focused on getting settled in to Texas and the ministry and being together, so we’ll see what happens.”

While many who know of the large Duggar family are quick to point out that they don’t believe in birth control, it’s worth noting that Jinger and Jeremy have never personally stated their stance on birth control, or even natural birth planning.

What they do have plans for, however, is learning a new language! Part of their plans for getting established as a couple in Laredo is to learn Spanish.

“There’s a lot of Spanish speakers where we are, and so that might be one of the first challenges as a newly married couple, to learn a new language together,” Jeremy explained. As a pastor, and just someone who wants to be a part of the community, it is a good idea for him to learn such a popular language.

Are you surprised that their first challenge as a married couple isn’t to tackle parenthood?

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