Jinger Duggar May Be Hiding A Big Secret That She's Terrified Will Get Back To Her Parents


"Counting On" fans now believe that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are using birth control against the Duggars’ wishes. Read on for more details!


Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for a whopping 11 months now, and there’s still no baby in sight.

While the couple seems to be loving their new life together as newlyweds, fans just can’t stop asking: “When is the baby coming?!”

Granted, almost everybody does this when somebody they know gets married, especially when they tie the knot young, like Jinger did.

But in a family that prides itself on having as many kids as possible immediately after saying “I do,” it’s hard for many Counting On fans to understand why Jinger and Jeremy don’t have kids yet.

Two of Jinger’s older sisters, Jill and Jessa, each already have two children of their own, while her younger sister Joy-Anna announced her first pregnancy exactly three months after marrying Austin Forsyth.

That’s why fans are now wondering if Jinger and Jeremy might secretly be using birth control, against the Duggars’ wishes.

"What my point is, is that if a couple isn't using birth control, they want to start a family right away. Even if it takes 4-6 months. No birth control means someone wants to get pregnant. Jessa and Jill wanted kids right away, Jinger and Jeremy don't so they are using birth control," one commenter suggested.

As Counting On viewers already know, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have openly spoken out against the use of birth control in the past.

“As conservative Christians, we believe every life is sacred, even the life of the unborn. Due to our lack of knowledge, we destroyed the precious life of our unborn child. We prayed and studied the Bible and found a host of references that told us God considered children a gift, a blessing, and a reward,” the family has explained. “Yet we had considered having another child an inconvenience during that busy time in our lives, and we had taken steps to prevent it from happening.”

Others, however, think Jinger and Jeremy may actually be struggling to conceive behind closed doors, and perhaps they have asked for that part of their marriage not to be featured on the show.

"I was just saying, it may have just be a physical delay. My kid's godmother couldn't get pregnant for 2 years after her wedding even though she was trying. It's sad 'cause some girls just have trouble conceiving," one fan wrote online after Jinger shared a new photo of her and Jeremy.

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