Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Accidentally Expose Their Big Secret To Fans With One Innocent Announcement


After weeks of flying under the radar, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have finally left for their honeymoon. Keep reading for more details!


After weeks of sneaking around and keeping secrets from their fans, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are finally honeymooning it up!

According to OK! Magazine, the newlyweds have officially left for their honeymoon about two weeks after tying the knot.

In a video thanking all their fans for being so supportive, Joe and Kendra can be seen sitting in a Taco Bueno drive-thru, which reportedly only has locations in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas.

Some eagle-eyed fans have speculated that the happy couple may have wanted to stay close to home for their honeymoon, while others say they could have been getting ready to jet off to somewhere exotic.

Earlier this week, rumors were swirling that Joseph and Kendra decided not to take a honeymoon because Kendra was already pregnant.

Others, however, wondered if the pair might just be homebodies, especially since they began their post-wedding life together baking oatmeal cookies.

After their secret wedding and under-the-radar honeymoon, it’s clear that these two are sneakier than we thought.

The pair completely fooled us when they released their public wedding registry on Amazon, leading fans to believe their wedding wouldn’t be happening until October.

Then, for weeks after they tied the knot, Joe and Kendra made it seem like they weren’t even taking a honeymoon at all!

Clearly, Joe and Kendra are looking for a little privacy to start out their first few weeks of wedded bliss.

Still, many Counting On fans think all this secrecy is actually hiding the fact that Kendra is being kept prisoner by her new husband’s family!

Yes, really. Some fans have pointed out that the couple’s wedding may have happened as quickly as it did because the Duggars wanted to stop Kendra from considering any of her other options, such as school.

“She doesn't get to pursue an education or explore other avenues. She has been raised to be subservient to a man and to be nothing more than a breeder," wrote one fan on the Duggars' official Facebook page.

"It isn't something to celebrate. It's incredibly sad,” another added on the family’s page.

One fan even went as far as describing Kendra as a “poor, young, brainwashed girl.”

While fans continue to wonder what’s going on in 19-year-old Kendra’s head, she actually seems to be having a blast, judging by the photos and videos that she and Joe have put out.

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Video Credit: Duggar Family via YouTube.com

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