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Kids Are 800% WORSE Whenever Their Moms Are Around


A new study floating around claims that children are about 800% "worse" when they’re around their mothers. Keep reading to learn more!


A study supposedly out of the University of Washington Department of Psychology has revealed that children are about 800% “worse” with their mothers in the room—and the percentage doubles to 1,600% if the children are under the age of 10.

According to Mom News Daily, where the study first began going viral, 500 families were followed to get these shocking numbers.

The researchers reportedly measured “Neediness, Whine Crying, Shriek Screaming, Attempted Slapping, Forgetting How To Walk/Use Words, and Acting The Fool,” Mom Daily News reported.

“What we found was that children as young as eight months-old could be playing happily but upon seeing their mother enter a room were 99.9% more likely to begin crying, release their bowels, and need her immediate attention. The .1% was a vision-impaired child but once he heard his mother’s voice he began throwing things and asked for a snack despite having just eaten. Truly fascinating,” Professor of Marriage and Family Psychology, Dr. K.P Leibowitz, said of the study.

Though the researchers tried using several different disciplinary methods, they say 100% of the children were more responsive to instructions when they came from somebody other than their mother.

“I didn’t need a study to tell me this,” said study participant and mother of four Lisa Powell.

Paul Olsen, one of the study’s participants and a father of three, agreed that these results only confirmed his suspicions.

“I always wondered why she couldn’t get anything done. She’s literally their kryptonite and magnet at the same time. They’re pretty good for me, though,” he said.

Now, although this so-called “study” has been making its way onto several different sites, it’s a little hard to believe that it’s actually true.

“Acting The Fool” doesn’t exactly sound like a legitimate measure of a child’s attitude for a real academic study.

Even if it is a joke, though, no parent can deny that this doesn’t seem very far from the truth!

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