Kylie Jenner Has Decided To Cut Ties With One Of Her Closest Family Members During Her Pregnancy


Caitlyn Jenner is completely heartbroken now that her pregnant daughter, Kylie Jenner, refuses to take any of her calls. Keep reading for more details!


While Kylie Jenner has yet to publicly announce her pregnancy, she’s already making major decisions about her unborn baby’s wellbeing.

And, apparently, none of those decisions involve her father, Caitlyn Jenner!

According to Radar Online, ever since news broke last month that Kylie, 20, was expecting her very first child with boyfriend Travis Scott, she has reportedly been shutting Jenner out of all her planning.

Sources say Caitlyn has allegedly “left Kylie dozens of messages,” but she is now giving the former Olympian the cold shoulder.

“[Caitlyn’s] not heard a peep back for weeks,” the source explained. “It’s so upsetting and confusing to her, why would her youngest child freeze her out like this?”

“It’s dawned on her that those girls don’t seem to want her in their lives and boy does it sting,” the insider added.

Although Jenner has reportedly “been crying a lot about it,” she is still “praying for a miracle” in her relationship with his daughters.

Unfortunately for Jenner, 67, it doesn’t seem like that miracle is going to happen anytime soon.

The I Am Cait star last shared photos of her with her daughters, Kendall and Kylie, back in June in honor of their Father’s Day celebration.

“Good day at the Father’s Day car show on Rodeo Drive with my girls. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there,” she captioned a photo of the trio having a blast in L.A.

Although neither Jenner nor Kylie has commented on the rift rumors, it has been reported that Caitlyn was initially none too pleased to learn that her 20-year-old daughter would be having a baby with a man she just started dating a few months ago.

The insider claimed that Jenner “thinks Kylie is way too young to have a baby” and allegedly told her daughter “that she should have waited until she was in a long term committed relationship.”

Kylie, who is said to be extremely “excited” to be a new mom, reportedly did not take her father’s reaction very well.

As for Jenner’s relationship with her former step-daughters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, the relationship is frosty—to say the least.

“I don’t really talk to them,” Caitlyn said in August during an appearance on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“I’m just disappointed in a lot of ways,” she continued, revealing that it had been several months since she had even heard from the rest of the family.

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