Little Boy Comes Home From Daycare Covered In Tiny Bumps. Mom Asks What Happened, But They Say It's Nothing. Then Somebody Pulls Her Aside And Tells The Truth


A North Carolina mom is warning other parents not to enroll their children in a popular daycare center after her son suffered a severe allergic reaction to flea bites. Keep reading to learn more!


A mom in North Carolina claims her son suffered a severe allergic reaction after he was bitten dozens of time by fleas at a daycare center.

According to Childcare Network spokesperson Dana Ramsey, the incident happened at a Child Network facility in Burlington in early August.

Aubrey Bridges, the little boy’s mother, posted several photos on Facebook to show just how many times he was bitten at the daycare center.

According to Bridges:

“ATTENTION PARENTS!!!! PARENTS IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN Childcare Network Inc.. Childcare Network DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO ANYONE OF THESE CHAIN DAYCARES!!! My son has been going to the childcare network in Burlington, NC Childcare Network for about a year now. So let's fast forward to last Wednesday. THE DSYCARE BECAME INFESTED WITH FLEAS!!!!! FLEAS PEOPLE!!!! I brought mason to daycare Thursday morning, and walked in and asked where does my baby slee...”

Bridges revealed that the staff at the daycare refused to tell her what had bitten her son, but one employee pulled her aside and said the facility had actually been infested with fleas.

While the daycare swore they had somebody coming to check out the infestation, they reportedly knew about the fleas before her son arrived that day.

According to the Facebook post, Bridge’s son Mason ended up suffering a severe allergic reaction to the bites.

“Mason has developed an allergic reaction to the flea bites. He developed a fever, and a cough, and started weezing very bad. His bites developed blisters which had to be drained several times. He had to be given a breathing treatment and my son has never needed anything like that his whole life,” she wrote.

“I've had to remove my son from the daycare not even knowing where else he will go, and he's supposed to start pre-k in less than a month. We've missed days of work not being able to drop him off at daycare. I've been so inconvenienced and still they say they have done all they can do, by offering to credit me masons last week tuition WHICH IS ONLY $140!!!!!!” the outraged mom continued.

In response to the backlash, Ramsey has released the following statement:

"While we recognize and are sorry to see this child had insect bites, we thankfully have not had a significant problem with any of our over 100 other children and within two days the playground was treated. We acted immediately on this concern, notified our parents of the concern, and have had multiple visits from licensing, sanitation and the pest control company that will confirm this. It is important that children get access to fresh air and outdoor gross motor play daily. We inspect our playgrounds regularly for any hazards and would not knowingly expose our children to biting insects. We will continue to treat our playgrounds going forward to keep any insects away. The safety of our children is our number one concern and all of our staff work together to protect and care for them. Regrettably, fleas and other insects cannot be fenced out. We want all of our children to be able to enjoy the beautiful, cooler weather."

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