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Little Boy Keeps An Eye On Newborn Brother While Mom Sleeps. That's When A Stranger Creeps Inside And Walks Over To The Baby


The mom was asleep the entire time.


A 9-year-old boy in Germany is being hailed as a hero after he bravely stopped a stranger from abducting his baby brother.

According to the Associated Press, the attempted kidnapping happened at a hospital in Hamburg, Germany.

As ITV reports, the boy’s mother had just given birth on Friday when she began to fall asleep from the exhaustion of the hectic day.

While it still remains unclear exactly where the young boy was at the time, he reportedly watched a complete stranger walk into the hospital room while his mother slept.

According to police, the unnamed 34-year-old woman slyly tiptoed into the room and quietly snatched the day-old baby boy from his mother.

Since the mother was still sleeping, she had no idea what the woman had planned for her child.

Thankfully, the baby’s quick-thinking big brother immediately sprang into action and followed the woman out of the hospital room without a moment of hesitation.

The boy reportedly ran right up to the strange woman and even confronted her about taking his baby brother.

At that point, the woman became so agitated that she reportedly handed the baby over to his older brother without putting up a fight, police explained.

Once the whole ordeal was finally over, the woman was quickly arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic to undergo evaluation.

While not much is known about the woman or the child’s family, authorities said the 9-year-old’s selfless act of bravery “significantly” contributed to the newborn’s safe return to the hospital.

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