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Little Girl And Mom Perform Cute Dance Routine To 'Happy' [Video]


A little girl and her mom performed their perfect mother-daughter dance routine for Pharrell’s "Happy" on "Ellen." Watch the dance now!


Last year, a little girl and her mom made their big debut on “Ellen” after a video of the pair dancing to a Beyonce song went viral. Now the dancing duo is back to perform Pharrell’s hit song, “Happy.”

On Tuesday, 3-year-old Heaven and her mom made their second appearance on “Ellen,” and the three girls caught up on upcoming events.

Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, Ellen asked Heaven what she planned to get her excited mother, who is now a dance teacher.

The cute little girl said she was going to get her mom a purse, a bag—and a smoothie—but before anybody could respond, Heaven made it clear that she would like Play-Doh for “Daughter’s Day.”

It looks like Heaven will have to pick a different present for Daughter’s Day because Ellen presented her with a lifetime supply of it by the end of the show—with a gift card for mom.

The mother-daughter routine is everything the crowd could hope for.

Their dancing, shaking, twirling, and gliding all seem effortless and fun—they clearly make a great team.

The whole interview is hilarious, but the dance starts at 3:42.

Watch it now!

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Video Credit: TheEllenShow via YouTube.com

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