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Little Girl Gets Scared On A Climbing Wall. Now Watch How Her Class Instructor Reacts...


A gym employee has been fired after a shocking video emerged that shows her texting while a little girl cries on a rock climbing wall next to her. Keep reading for the full story!


A jaw-dropping video that allegedly shows a gym employee texting while a little girl cries on the climbing wall next to her has gone viral.

The shocking footage, which is said to have been taken at Funtopia in Surrey, British Columbia, was reportedly taken by the child’s mother.

After sharing the 56-second clip on Facebook, the little girl’s mother wrote that her daughter seemed visibly upset on the rock climbing wall, but the gym employee continued to sit and text.

“It broke my heart not to run and help my daughter right away, she said, but I needed to capture this as evidence. When class first started she was on her phone — didn’t even instruct Sephora to warm up. I did! Didn’t do stretches with Sephora. I did, while she was on her phone!” the mom said, according to the CBC.

While many commenters have been quick to blame the young girl’s mother for pulling out her phone to take a video instead of helping her crying child, she argues that she needed proof to show the manager.

Since the disturbing video came to light, Funtopia Surrey's general manager Yasen Nikolov revealed that the employee who ignored the scared little girl has been fired.

"Obviously that's not acceptable. It shouldn't have happened at all," he told CBC News. "This particular employee has broke at least three internal rules, starting with no phones outside of the employees room. I took one look at that video and said we can't keep such an employee around."

Although the manager has since apologized to the girl’s family and refunded their money, Nikolov did maintain that the child was safely strapped into a harness, so she wasn’t in any danger.

See the controversial video for yourself below now!

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Video Credit: Emma Neiman via YouTube.com

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