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Little Girl's Runny Nose Won't Stop For Six Months. Worried, Mom Takes Her To Different Doctors, But They Don't Have Much Luck. Then One Day, It Pops Out


It happened so suddenly.


More than six months after a little girl in California started suffering from a constant runny nose, a safety pin suddenly popped out.

Katelyn Powell told ABC News that she just couldn’t figure out why her 5-year-old daughter, Khloe Russell, had a "constant, green, runny nose" that "smelled horrific" for over six months.

To get to the bottom of the problem, Powell, 25, took Khloe to three different doctors, a dentist, and an ear/nose/throat specialist.

While the medical professionals chalked up Khloe’s symptoms to a simple sinus infection, nobody could really figure out what was going on.

Little Khloe was prescribed several different antibiotics over the last few months, but her runny nose persisted.

Then, last weekend, Powell finally figured out what Khloe had been hiding all this time.

As she explained to ABC News, Powell told Khloe to blow her nose and watched as a 1.5-inch-long safety pin “popped out.”

Photo Credit: ABC

"I almost passed out," the stunned mom said. "I couldn't believe it. It was huge. I was like, 'Where did this come from!'"

It took a little prodding but Khloe finally confessed to her mom that she had been playing with a bag of safety pins she found around the house "to see how far up she could put the pins up her nose."

"She said she was pulling it out and back in and out, and I was just like, how did I not notice her doing this?" Powell said.

As a mom, Powell is relieved that her daughter’s mystery illness has finally been solved, but she hopes Khloe has learned her lesson about sticking things up her nose.

"She's amazing now and there hasn't been any stinky discharge since, but we just want to be cautious," she said. "We've also since had the talk and there will be nothing going up in her nose again. Never again."

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