Man Tells Cops That Dogs Attacked Toddler On New Year's Eve. Then They See Her Horrific Injuries


A toddler who was allegedly attacked by dogs on New Year’s Eve actually suffered a violent sexual assault. Keep reading for more details!


Police have discovered that a little girl who was allegedly attacked by animals on New Year’s Eve actually suffered a violent sexual assault.

According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, some deputies have called this attack one of the worst child abuse cases they’ve ever seen.

As KSAT reports, authorities were called to a home on New Year’s Eve after receiving a report that a child had been attacked by a dog.

Authorities say that when police arrived, a man named Isaac Cardenas told them that the toddler had accidentally wandered outside during the night and was attacked by the vicious animals.

It was clear to police, however, that the man’s story did not match the little girl’s horrific injuries.

Investigators soon interviewed a relative of the victim and discovered that the woman’s story was dramatically different than the one that Cardenas initially told police, according to KSAT.

Not only did the little girl show signs of a sexual assault, according to Salazar, but it also looked as if she had been stabbed.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the young victim remained at University Hospital, where she is recovering from her injuries.

After the little girl was taken to the hospital, Cardenas, 23, was immediately arrested and charged with super aggravated sexual assault of child.

22-year-old Krystal Herrera, the relative, was also arrested and charged with injury to a child by omission.

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