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'Meanest Mom Ever' Tosses Kids' Ice Cream Cones In Trash After They Forget Two Simple Words


A self-proclaimed "Meanest Mom Ever" has taken to Facebook to explain why she threw away her children’s ice cream cones at Dairy Queen over the weekend. Keep reading for the full story!


Every parent has a moment or two (or a million) where they realize their kids are completely and utterly ungrateful.

No mom wants to raise kids that just don’t seem to have manners, but it’s tough to figure out how these situations should be handled.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear that Jamie Primak Sullivan, of the Bravo TV show Jersey Belle, decided to tackle this dilemma head on.

On Sunday, Sullivan took her three children to get ice cream from Dairy Queen after dinner, but the outing didn’t exactly go as planned.

Even though the teenager working that evening kindly passed each of Sullivan’s kids their ice cream cones, not one of them thanked her.

After waiting in silence for a minute, in hopes that her children might take the hint, Sullivan did something that most parents have only dreamed of: She threw away their ice cream.

In a now viral Facebook post that’s already earned her the title of “Meanest Mom Ever,” Sullivan explains why she had such a drastic reaction to what happened.

Immediately after her kids ordered their ice cream at Dairy Queen, “The young lady (maybe 17) handed each child their ice cream. Not one looked her in the eye. Not one said thank you. Not to her, not to me…” Sullivan wrote.

She continued:

So I waited. I counted to 10 in my head as they dug into their ice cream and the young lady just looked at me (probably because she thought I was hearing voices) and I watched as my children strolled out the door. I followed them outside where I calmly collected their ice creams and my kids watched in horror as I deposited them into the nearby garbage can.”

Naturally, Sullivan’s kids lost it the moment they saw their precious cones being tossed into the trash can, but she was determined to make sure they learned a valuable lesson about being grateful for what they have.

“I explained that one day, if they were lucky, they would work a job like that young lady. And I would hope that people would see them. Really see them. Look them in the eye and say thank you. We are too old at 8/7/5 to move through our days without exercising manners and honestly basic human decency,” she wrote.

Unsurprisingly, Sullivan’s post instantly went viral, with many parents calling her out for going overboard just to prove a point.

After going through all the negative comments, Sullivan finally decided to address her critics in this incredible video!

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