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Mila Kunis Lets Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Drink Alcohol Once A Week


Mila Kunis is being slammed by fans after admitting that she allows her 3-year-old daughter to drink wine every Friday. Keep reading for more details!


Mila Kunis is taking a lot of heat after admitting that her 3-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle drinks wine every Friday.

According to PEOPLE, Kunis, 34, and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, 39, partake in Shabbat, so everybody in their family has wine on Fridays.

Unlike her parents, however, Wyatt only takes a little sip—though that didn’t stop the mommy-shamers from attacking Kunis later.

“At Shabbat, you have a sip of wine. My daughter had a sip of wine since she was born. Friday mornings she wakes up and I say it's Friday, she says, ‘I can have wine!’” the Black Swan actress said while she and her A Bad Moms Christmas co-stars were sharing their parenting confessions.

While many parents understand that Kunis is simply giving her daughter a tiny sip of wine for religious purposes, others were absolutely furious that she would put one of her children’s health in danger.

The LAD Bible shared this story on Facebook, where dozens of parents accused Kunis of hurting her daughter.

“So i lose complete parental custody of my daughter for failing one piss test for fucking pot over a period of 7 years of custody court battles jumping through hoop after hoop and this twat is praised for letting an infant drink wine. WTF is wrong with the goddamn world,” one commenter said, in part.

“Great thing religion isn't it. Not. Giving wine to a 3 year old dont care what religion you follow or what country your from is wrong even if the law says its okay. All these people saying nothing wrong with it would yiu have the same attitude if someone let their 3 year old daughter have a drag of a cig once a week would you have the same opinion. Alcohol is just as damaging amd just as addictive,” another added.

Others, however, quickly pointed out that many children in Europe also start drinking wine while they’re young, so it’s likely a cultural tradition for Kunis, whose family hails from the Ukraine.

“In the rest of Europe that's totally normal it's even legal in the UK for a 5 year old to have beer wine or cider under European laws,” one commenter wrote.

“In Europe we all can drink as children and we are not having liver transplants. We are not obsessed by drinking like in the States however. Americans should learn from Europe,” another added.

Kunis’ Bad Moms co-star, Kristen Bell, 37, also jokingly confessed to her own children’s drinking habits during the interview.

“My kids drink O’Doul’s because my husband doesn’t drink. When we had our first baby, we’d go on a walk every night with the baby, just to get out of the house, and he would have her in the baby bjorn, and he would pop an O’Doul's… She started at five months to claw at it,” Bell, who is married to fellow actor Dax Shepard, said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Kunis and her other Bad Moms co-star, Kathryn Hahn, 44, joked that they both started drinking right before the interview.

“Kathryn and I started drinking at 10 in the morning today. We had mimosas,” she said.

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