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Mind-Blowing Footage of 36-Week-Old Baby's Movements In Mom's Belly [Video]


A dad’s YouTube video of his unborn son’s remarkable movements inside of his wife’s belly has gone viral. Watch the video now!


A proud dad compiled the best highlights of his wife’s moving belly after extensively filming the wild movements of his unborn son.

The video, titled “Toren in utero (37 weeks) - baby moving inside mother's belly,” was made by Ryan Cragun in 2009, but the footage of the fascinating moving fetus has recently gone viral.

In the YouTube video’s description, Cragun explains that he filmed his wife, Debi, sitting in the same position on the couch for over 30 minutes to capture the astonishing movements of his unborn child.

At 37-weeks pregnant, Debi displays her belly to show exactly where viewers can see the baby boy’s legs, head, and bottom.

The squirmy little boy, named Toren, can be seen moving around so much that at one point viewers can make out a prominent outline of the bouncing baby.

According to Cragun, “You'll see a V-shape - that is one of his legs, kicking to the left.”

Although the remarkable two-minute clip was taken from 30 minutes of recorded footage, Cragun explains in the description that he actually filmed about three full hours of his wife’s pregnancy.

As the father says, “It's pretty remarkable footage of a baby moving inside the uterus and probably the best footage I've seen of a child moving inside it's mother's belly.”

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know in the comments!

Watch the video now!

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Video Credit: Ryan Cragun via YouTube.com

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