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Mom Leaves Daughter in Car While She Runs Errands, Then is Killed in Police Shootout [Video]


A California bank robbery resulting in a police shootout claimed the life of a mother of two, whose 12-year-old daughter witnessed the whole ordeal. Keep reading for more details!


A violent bank robbery, high-speed chase, and police shootout claimed the life of an innocent mother of two, whose 12-year-old daughter was forced witness her mother’s fatal capture on Wednesday.

Misty Holt-Singh stopped near a Bank of the West, near her home in Stockton, California around 2 p.m., when three robbers held up the branch and took three women hostage.

While the other two women were bank employees, Holt-Singh was the only customer to be taken.

Since the mother was only stopping quickly to get some cash, she had left her 12-year-old daughter in the car, possibly saving her life.

Police say the suspects led them on a high-speed chase through Stockton for about an hour, driving on both Highway 99 and Interstate 5.

The suspects reportedly fired multiple rounds at officers out of the back of the vehicle they were driving, with what police believe was an AK-47 assault style weapon.

All three of the robbery suspects were shot, and two of them were killed, while the third is now being treated at a nearby hospital.

According to police officials, one of the women was shot and thrown out of the car early in the chase, while another was grazed by gunfire near the end before being dumped out of the car.

Witness Autumn Alessio said one of the women was "on the ground. My brother saw her roll over and her leg was all tore up and bleeding. And the fire department wasn't there yet, nobody was there yet for her."

The only hostage to die was Holt-Singh, who police believe was being used as some kind of human shield by the suspects.

Police admit they still don’t know if she was killed by one of the suspects or accidentally caught in the crossfire during the violent shootout.

Her cousin, Devin J., told ABC7 News that Holt-Singh’s daughter is traumatized after witnessing the violence against her mother.

"She was just an innocent bystander going to pull out money. She left her kid in the car, she goes inside, whatever happened happened, her daughter has to text her husband saying, 'Hey, they took Mom,'" he told the station.

Although the Stockton Police Department is already facing criticism for how the bloody shootout was handled, officials claim the suspects had a lot of ammunition that they used with assault rifles. While 14 patrol vehicles were struck, no officers were injured.

Watch this powerful footage of the shootout now!

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Video Credit: lugamedia via YouTube.com

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