Mom Desperately Tries To Push Her Toddler Through A McDonald's Drive-Thru Window. Then They See Who Is After Her


A man in Ohio is facing assault charges after surveillance footage caught him physically assaulting his girlfriend while she attempted to hand their child over to a McDonald’s employee. Read on for more details!


A man in Ohio is on trial after surveillance footage captured the moment he brutally beat his girlfriend while she desperately tried to hand their child over to a McDonald’s employee.

According to Cincinnati Enquirer, the horrific night began in July 2016, when Levenski Crossty broke into the home where his girlfriend, Jessica Wilson, and her four children were staying.

The 27-year-old Delhi Township man, who is the father of Wilson’s 2-year-old daughter, reportedly made his way into the home by kicking in an air conditioning unit.

“He was ranting and raging,” Wilson said in court.

After the horrific beating she suffered that night, Wilson testified that she does not remember how she wound up in a car with Crossty and all four of her children, but she does remember driving around.

Wilson explained that Crossty had made several stops—including at two parks—before she told him that the children hadn’t eaten.

Throughout the entire car ride, Crossty screamed and yelled while physically assaulting Wilson.

“He kept hitting me, wouldn’t stop,” Wilson said, adding that Crossty forced her to give him the passcode on her cell phone.

Around 8 p.m., Crossty finally agreed to stop at a McDonald’s drive-thru to get the children something to eat.

As surveillance footage from that night shows, Wilson attempted to escape from the vehicle outside of the drive-thru.

While Crossty continued to beat her relentlessly, Wilson tried to hand her 2-year-old daughter to the woman at the drive-thru window.

“Hand the child to me,” the employee said with extended arms, according to prosecutors.

Sadly, Crossty managed to pull all four of the children away from Wilson right before speeding off without her in the car.

Assistant Prosecutor Matthew Broo called it “a night of sheer terror” for Wilson, according to Cincinnati Enquirer.

Wilson was left stranded at McDonald’s begging anybody who would listen to call 911 immediately.

According to reports, Crossty ended up dropping off the four children at Wilson’s father’s house.

Crossty’s attorney, Stephan Madden, during opening statements called it a misdemeanor domestic incident, arguing that his client took the children away from Wilson because she was too intoxicated to properly care for them.

“There is no abduction, there is no kidnapping, there is no theft,” he said.

Crossty has since been charged with felonious assault, theft, and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping.

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