Mom Is Changing Her Baby's Diaper When She Notices Her Baby's Toes Are Purple And Swollen. Worried Sick, She Looks Closer. That's When She Spots What Is Wrapped Around Them


When she saw her baby’s toes and how swollen they are, she was so worried.


A Sydney mom saved her baby girl’s toes using a simple tube of hair removal cream, and now she’s urging other parents to keep their medicine cabinets fully stocked with the miracle ointment.

Kristina Clarke was changing her daughter Bryleigh's diaper when she suddenly noticed that the little girl’s toes were purple and swollen.


Soon, Clarke realized that a tiny hair had gotten wrapped around the 5-month-old’s toe, but each time she tried to pull it off the “hair tourniquet” only tightened.

After that, Clarke attempted to cut the hair with nail clippers, but she accidentally grabbed Bryleigh's skin instead of the light hair.

“I was getting her ready for her bottle and, a little bit unusually, I had dressed her in socks and tights,” Clarke wrote in a now-viral Facebook post. “I took her sock off and her toes were swollen and purple – hair was tangled around them.”


“I freaked out. We tried to cut it off with nail clippers but it just made it worse. Her toes started bleeding,” she added.

Clarke and her husband immediately rushed their baby girl to the hospital, where doctors also struggled to remove the tiny hair.

Finally, after four hours at the hospital, the couple met with an orthopedic surgeon, who suggested something nobody had thought of before: hair removal cream.

“I was absolutely baffled when they brought the cream out,” Clarke said. “I thought it was numbing cream or something for an operation.”

Surprisingly enough, the cream worked like a charm and Bryleigh left the hospital as good as new.

Knowing her daughter was lucky to keep her toe, Clarke is now urging other parents to keep a tube of hair removal cream in the house just in case something like this happens in the future.

“I honestly thought she was going to lose her toe. I've been a mum for 18 years and it has never even crossed my mind,” Clarke said. “But doctors said it was the third case they had seen that week.”

“It seems everyone knows about this but no one knows what to do about it,” she added.

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