Mom Leaves Her Four Small Children At Home. When She Comes Back, She Realizes One Of Her Kids Is Missing.


A Georgia mom has been charged with felony murder after she left her toddler home alone for 14 hours on Memorial Day. Keep reading for the full story!


A Georgia mom who left her 3-year-old son home alone for 14 hours before he finally drowned has been slapped with a felony murder charge.

On Memorial Day, paramedics and police rushed to a home near Cartersville after a toddler was found unresponsive in an above-ground swimming pool.

When authorities arrived to the scene, the child’s mother was reportedly already performing CPR on him.

According to paramedics, the boy had been underwater for so long that emergency responders were unable to resuscitate him.

While speaking with Crime Online, Sgt. Rogers with Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Crimes Against Persons Division revealed that police quickly learned the boy’s mother, 32-year-old Bobbie Jessica Prather, “willfully” left her four children home alone for a whopping 14 hours.

By the time she finally returned home and discovered her toddler son in the pool, it was already far too late to save him.

Paramedics and authorities at the scene were reportedly stunned by Prather’s carelessness in the way she left her children home alone, especially since there was a swimming pool outside.

“Most of us are parents and (when) we respond to something like this, of course it affects you, because everyone loves children,” Rogers said. “Children rely on us for safety, security and comfort.”

Aside from being slapped with felony murder charges, Prather has also had her remaining three children taken out of her care.

After AJC shared this disturbing story online, other parents were stunned to learn that Prather left her children home alone for as long as she did.

“Define "unsupervised". Hard to believe any parent doesn't at least have a general idea where their kid is for that amount of time. Not so hard to believe that Bartow County would come down hard on someone living in a trailer, just because they live in a trailer,” one man commented.

“I couldn't imagine leaving my 2 yr old alone for 14 secs let alone for 14hrs  So many things can happen even in the smallest of windows time. Rest well angel. Prayers for the rest of the family and the other babies. Hope they get the lives they deserve,” another commenter wrote on the WSB-TV Facebook page.

“Sad, how could a Mother leave a child for 14 hours ? Was he not fed ? cold ? what was the baby doing all that time ? Nobody will ever know because the child is dead !” another added. “I think there is a special place in hell for Mothers and Fathers that hurt or allow their children to be neglected and hurt .”

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