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Mom Lets Baby Eat Hot Jalapeño Pepper So She Can Record Her Reaction [Video]


After this mom decided to record her baby crying while trying to eat a jalapeno pepper, some parents are calling her a child abuser. Keep reading to learn more!


A now-viral video of a 16-month-old baby girl eating a spicy jalapeño chili pepper off of her mom’s plate is stirring up a heated debate on social media.

In the controversial video, the baby girl reaches over to her mom’s plate, picks up a jalapeño pepper, and sticks it right in her mouth while her mom giggles and waits for her reaction.

The moment she starts chewing the pepper, the little girl begins crying in pain from the hot, spicy pepper.

Instead of moving the plate, the mom keeps the camera pointed at her daughter and watches as she sticks the hot jalapeño pepper back in her mouth once again.

“Check out her mixed emotions as she tries the extremely spicy pepper,” wrote YouTube user Rumble Video, who uploaded the clip. “Does she strangely enjoy it since she goes back for more?”

Most viewers were not quite as amused as the mom seemed to be by her daughter crying in pain.

“Anybody who actually enjoys causing an innocent toddler pain and discomfort for their own amusement or to make a hoped for ‘viral video’, ought to have their freakin’ head examined,” one angry commenter wrote.

“This is child abuse,” another said. “If she had reached for a weapon would you let her pull the trigger? What a Dumb A** Parent.”

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Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube.com

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