Mom Notices Baby Isn't Looking At Her When She Speaks To Him, But She Can't Accept The Truth. That's When She Makes A Bold Decision About His Future


A pair of Kentucky parents have done something wonderful to ensure that their baby boy, who has cochlear implants, will never have to feel alone. Keep reading for more details!


Two parents in Kentucky have gone above and beyond to make sure their baby boy, who was born without the ability to hear, never feels left out.

Hope Higgins and her husband, Jacob, noticed early on that their son was having troubles hearing when he couldn’t seem to react or make eye contact any time they spoke to him.

Baby Conner was finally taken to a doctor at 15 months old and was quickly diagnosed with auditory neuropathy, a condition that means his brain and sound waves have troubles linking up.

“At first we were in denial," mom Hope told InsideEdition.com. "And we didn’t want to think he was really deaf. Knowing that he can’t hear, it was devastating."

Although hearing aids failed to work for Conner, the baby boy’s parents soon made the major decision to get him cochlear implants.

“I couldn’t imagine living in a world of silence like Connor has been so we wanted to take a chance and get the implants,” Higgins said.

To ensure that Conner never had to feel alone in the world, both Hope and Jacob had cochlear implants tattooed on both sides of their heads.

For Hope, making sure the tattoo could always be seen meant shaving the side of her head, which she did immediately.

According to Hope, Conner noticed the tattoos right away.

“When I was getting mine done, my husband brought him in at the end of my session. He was feeling my head and pointing to the tattoos,” she said.

Conner has had the implants since August, when he went in for a seven-hour surgery that allowed him to hear at a low volume.

Although the implants are currently at a low volume, they will be gradually turned up over time.

Knowing that their son will soon be able to hear and speak is a huge relief to Jacob and Hope.

“It’s one of the best decisions we could have made," Hope said. "It made us a whole lot more humble. Me and my husband are both really looking forward to being able to talk and understand things."

As for Conner, if the baby boy ever does feel alone in the world, he needs only to glance at his parents’ tattoos to remember that he isn’t.

“We wanted to let him know it’s going to be okay,” Hope said. “We got our ears on and he got his ears.”

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