Mom Notices Something Shining Inside Her Newborn Baby's Mouth. Then She Looks A Little Closer. What She Sees Next Leaves Her Speechless


A young woman in India has just given birth to a baby boy with seven fully formed teeth, a stunned dentist says. Keep reading to learn more!


A dentist in India claims a young mother has given birth to a baby boy with seven fully formed teeth.

According to The Sun, when Prayan Sharma was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, western India on June 30, he already had seven fully grown teeth.

Mom Nikita Sharma and dad Harish Sharma, both 31, didn’t even realized Prayan had any teeth until he was 10 days old.

"As soon as my son was born he was moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) because he had an infection so my wife wasn’t able to breastfeed him at first,” said Harish. "When he was eventually re-united with my wife and she tried to breastfeed him, she noticed something in his mouth.”

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"We were completely surprised. We never knew a baby could be born with one tooth never mind seven teeth," he added.

Immediately after discovering that one of the teeth was loose, the Sharmas were put in touch with a pediatric dentist to help them figure out what was going on.

Dr. Meet Ramatri, a pediatric dentist at Child Dental Care, said he was stunned to see Prayan’s teeth.

Because the baby boy’s teeth were already coming loose, posing a choking hazard, they all had to be removed right away.

"This is a first of its kind it’s rare that babies are born with one tooth but never seven teeth. The teeth had to be removed to avoid any risk to the baby swallowing or choking on them,” he said. "The procedure was done under local anesthesia as he was too young to be given any regular anesthesia."

Over three days, the dentist was able to remove Prayan’s teeth, but it took two visits to ensure they were all gone.

Ramatri admitted that there were a few instances in which babies were born with one or two teeth, but certainly never seven.

After Metro shared this story on Facebook, many commenters confessed that they knew children who had also been born with teeth.

“First in the world???? my daughter was born with 2 bottom teeth i was horrified. haha had to have them our at a week old. still have the teeth aswell in a kp sake box,” one woman wrote.

“My niece was born with 1 bottom tooth shes 19months old now all her baby teeth have grown apart from the one that was removed at 2days old,” another commenter added.

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