Mom Parks Her Car To Check GPS And Suddenly Hears Gunshots. When She Turns Around, Her Baby Is Bleeding


A 7-year-old girl in California is being praised for saving her baby sister’s life after the little girl was hit by stray bullets during a shooting in Oakland. Keep reading to learn more!


A 7-year-old girl in California is being hailed as a hero for saving her baby sister’s life when the little girl got shot by a stray bullet in Oakland.

As ABC News reports, the child’s mother, who asked not to be named in the media, had just stopped in East Oakland to check her GPS, when she suddenly heard gunshots.

The mother immediately looked in the backseat to make sure her kids were OK and instantly noticed blood coming out of her 22-month-old daughter’s back.

Without a moment of hesitation, the mom ordered her 7-year-old daughter to apply pressure to the wound while she raced to the hospital.

Residents in the area said several shots were fired before the chaos finally stopped.

"It was like four or five [shots] and then a pause, and then like another four," said neighbor Claire Stanley. "Right after the last gunshot I heard a car peeling away."

The victim’s relatives said the baby girl was sadly caught in the crossfire when two cars began shooting at one another.

Fortunately, as of Thursday night, the baby girl is in stable condition after undergoing emergency surgery.

"I can let you know she is stable. And, we just ask for prayers. We're holding up fine," a member of the girl's family said.

According to ABC News, Oakland Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

"That's my child too that got shot, that little girl," said community activist Daryle Albums. "They're crying. I'm crying. I mean we're all in this together."

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