Mom Spends The Day At Home With Toddler. Then Suddenly, She Notices His Face. His Eye Is Red And Swelling Out Of Control.


A mom in the UK is warning other parents about the dangers of laundry detergent tabs after one exploded in her son’s eyes. Keep reading to learn more!


A mom in the UK is warning other parents about the dangers of laundry detergent pouches after one exploded in her little boy’s eyes.

Jemima Strain thought she was teaching her son the value of hard work when she decided to let him help her with the laundry.

Little did she know that the simple chore would end in an emergency trip to the hospital to save her terrified toddler’s eye sight.

On Facebook, Strain posted a warning about what happened to her son that has since been shared more than 1,500 times:


Please make sure that your children NEVER TOUCH these! The warnings on the boxes are minuscule and the boxes themselves arent childproof.

My little human picked one up, as he always helps to do the washing, and it popped. The liquid went in his eyes. I had no idea how awful the contents are. After washing them out as much as possible he was still clearly in a lot of discomfort and pain. My husband rang NHS direct who told us to get him to A&E immediately. On arriving at A&E we spent over an hour and a half with a full team of nurses who had to hold him down and force his eyes open whilst trying to neutralise the liquid with a litre and a half of saline fluid to wash out his eyes. He was traumatised as was I.

Strain said that once her son was referred to an eye specialist, she learned that the clinic had already written to the manufacturer of the laundry tabs.

As it turns out, those tiny detergent tabs “CAUSED 40% OF ALL CHEMICAL EYE INJURIES LAST YEAR,” according to Strain.

Had Strain not rushed her son to the hospital when she did, he could have suffered permanent damage to his eyes.

“PLEASE LET EVERYONE YOU KNOW HEAR OF THIS. And share it as a warning. Even my baby wipes say on them 'keep out of reach of children'. And we've all let our babies hold the pack whilst we change their nappies. I thought we were doing great parenting letting out children help with the washing,” she wrote on Facebook.

As Strain points out, these laundry packets are squishy and fun to play with—even for adults!—so it’s beyond important to keep them out of reach of the little ones.

“Please don't let your children help with the washing. These tablets are as bad a bleach and can be life threatening if swallowed,” she wrote. “We were fortunate... we acted fast and he was only blind for 3 days and with drops started to open his eyes and now has full site back.”

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